Technologies of Two Rubber Projects of Baling Petrochemical Reaching International Advanced Level

On June 14, two projects undertaken and implemented by Synthetic Rubber Business Division of Baling Petrochemical, “Development of Oil Soluble SSBR Devolatilization Technology” and “Development of High-wear Resistance and High-strength SBSYH-185 New Brand for Shoes” passed the technical evaluation organized by SINOPEC Technology Department. The technologies of these two scientific research projects possess proprietary intellectual property right and exist in international advanced level.

The project of “Development of Oil Soluble SSBR Devolatilization Technology” developed the extruding-desiccation machine with cone cylinder and barrel gradient extrusion, screw with cone forced feeding and moderate geometric compression ratio, expansion-exsiccation machine with friction groove and light bushing structure and cataphracted air flow distribution hole pattern fluidized bed by studying butadiene rubber, SBS devolatilization (volatile matter) process, equipment features and material characteristics of SSBR, and initiated the SSBR devolatilization packaged technology of “extruding-desiccation machine + spiral feeding dehydrator + expansion-exsiccation machine + vibrated fluidized bed + vibratory spiral elevator”. This project has formed 10,000-ton SSBR packaged production technology.

The result of industrial test indicates that this packaged technology has reasonable technological process and equipment structure, exists in international advanced level on the whole, possesses proprietary intellectual property right, is suitable for production of multiple brands of SSBR, is stable in process control, with the product quality satisfying the user requirements, and has good economic and social benefits.

The project of “Development of High-wear Resistance and High-strength SBSYH-185 New Brand for Shoes” developed a new technology of asymmetric tri-block coupling SBS. Compared with similar products in the world, the product of this project has the features such as high wear resistance, high strength and good flexibility and has applied for 1 patent for invention in China, and the technology and product belong to international advanced level. The application result indicates that various performance indexes of new brand of SBS satisfy the new requirements of shoe-making industry for performance of SBS for shoes. From 2015 to 2016, a total of over 2,000 tons of new brand of products are produced and the newly-added profit is over 3 Million Yuan, with good economic and social benefits.